Banu Ozsavasci Esq.

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Banu Ozsavasci Esq.

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LLM in Admiralty Law, PhD p. in Trasportation Law, Admitted to New York Bar & Istanbul Bar

We offer a broad range of consulting services backed by 20 years of experience in contracts law, corporate law, investment law, mergers & acquisition, energy law, project finance, real estate law, immigration law and dispute resolution. 


Major Projects Accomplished with Success

1. Successful realization & operation of a 870 MWe combined cycle natural gas fired power plant, an investment of € 600 Mio. The project was facing with serious legal obstacles, suspension orders etc. By solving legal obstacles, the power plant started its operation on time.  

2. Long term negotiation with world leading gas company  for natural gas storage in underground salt caverns.

 3. Successful implementation of 3 green field investments in Bulgaria each worth more than 400 m. Euro ( flat glass & automobile glass and glassware plants). 

3. Acquisition of shares of glassware production plant in Russian Federation. 

4. Handling the legal aspects of the successful joint venture of Pasabahce and French Company Arc in USA; preparing the operation agreements, incorporation phase, including initial drafts of the filings to the Federal Trade Commission and coordinating them with other USA based law firms.

5. Partnership with Saint Gobain through purchase of shares of a flat glass plant in Egypt, partnership with Saint Gobain through greenfield investment of flat glass and automotive glass plant in Russian Federation ( investment amount is in total worth 800 m. Euro). 

6. Acquisition of a bottling plant in Ukraine.

 7. Greenfield investment  in Egypt. 

8. Opening of  retail stores  and?or chain retail stores in New York, Miami, Moscow, Sofia, Italy, New York. 

9. Establishment of various companies in Netherlands, NewYork, Malta, Cayman Islands, Germany for tax minimization related to investment projects. 

10. Incorporation of representative offices or subsidiaries’, consignment warehouses in New Jersey, New York, Brazil, Moscow, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, China, Georgia etc.  

11. Handling the immigration  law needs (obtainment of green cards, work permit etc.), of employees or managers related to the investment projects.


More than twenty years of experience.

Banu Ozsavasci Esq. is  globally recognized as the leading business investment & operations consulting lawyer with more than twenty years of experience. 

Her past practices are in the subject of  the following:

  · Energy Law. Provision of legal advice & support for energy related investment projects including in Asia and in Europe, drafting, amending kinds of contracts used in energy market e.g. EFET contracts, contracts for natural gas & electricity trading or sales, or other contracts required in the daily operation of the natural gas & power business. Ensuring the standardization of contracts that is used for marketing of natural gas and electricity and their compliance to the applicable laws.   

· Project Finance. Negotiation and review of guarantee, loan and pledge agreements for borrowings from IFC, EBRD, EIB and other private banks for the green field invest throughout the world.  Negotiation & finalization of syndicate financing from international banks, short term and long term financings. Preparation of all legal quarterly and provisional reporting to the financial institutions related to the investments. Obtainment and / or renewal of all licenses, permits, authorizations, incentives from regulatory authorities, complying with the reporting requirements to all regulatory authorities for the successful realization of the investment projects.

   · Merger & Acquisitions. Drafting and /or modifying MOU, letter of intents, side letters, sale & purchase of assets or share agreements, operation agreements, joint venture agreements, closing agreements. Gathering of all exhibits, obtainment of necessary governmental approvals, or antimonopoly clearances for the closing & operation of these ventures. Negotiation and conducting agreement with different governmental bodies for the grant of incentives in terms of land, tax exemptions, social security contribution allowances or reduction, etc.  

 · Contracts Law. Drafting, reviewing contracts, e.g. sale & purchase of land, employment, long term supply contracts, agency contracts, distribution contracts, rental contracts, framework agreements, engineering agreements, consultancy agreements, license agreements, etc. Review and negotiation of legal aspect of supply contracts and/or general sales terms and conditions with the Coca Cola Company , London, Sweden; Heineken lawyers in the Netherlands, Ford Auto Company’s lawyers in England,  Mc Donalds’ lawyers in Europe…Walt Disney, K’Mart, Sears,Cost Plus etc., in USA.   

· Dispute Resolution. Handling and/or resolving legal issues and disputes arising from operations related to labor disputes, lawsuits, agency-distributorship problems, collection of debts, daily impact of antitrust law, purchase and sale contracts, supply agreements, renewal of permits of various kind, administrative law issues mainly with customers, agents, municipalities and other state bodies etc.   · Corporate Law. Preparation of Board of Directors Minutes, Organizing and giving required notices, callings to the members of shareholders of the private & public companies for the successful implementation of the board of directors and shareholders meetings. Preparation or revision of companies internal rules or bylaws related to different subjects and their compliance with the applicable laws.  

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